Description of the LOGO

    The logo of Bengaluru North University has been designed keeping the following points in mind:

The jurisdiction of Bengaluru North University spans Bengaluru east and north, including the Kolar and Chikkaballapur districts. The region’s historical importance, geographical features, scientific development, and the rhythm of people’s lives have been used as the inspiration for the design. The logo also integrates the vision and mission of the university. It incorporates representative pictures of the above-mentioned regions and is intricately designed. The university has been depicted from the dimensions of time, space, and imagination. The logo is composed of three concentric circles, which represent the conscious, subconscious, and dreams. The outermost circle has a yellow border and the circle, in general, represents the universe, while the two inner circles represent the Earth and the University. The outermost yellow colour stands for power, intellect, honour, enlightenment, timelessness, positivity, and the cyclic movement of life. The inner region of the second circle is deep blue in colour, which stands for peace, commitment, spirituality, trust and pro-life values.


This circle represents the Earth. The third circle comprises a light-blue inner region, representing the University. The colour stands for simplicity, purity, openness, and optimism. The pictures used in the logo are light black in colour and they represent power, magic. In the logo, the tower of the Kolar Gold Mines and the mine shaft elevator are presented through the interplay of light and shadow.

The mine shaft elevator particularly represents the Kolar Gold Fields and Science and Technology in general. The central region of the innermost circle. depicts a Nandi on stone pedestals and it represents Chikkaballapur in particular and the culture of the region in general. The stone pedestals also represent the secure foundation of the ideals of the university. A top the first circle is a Kempegowda tower representing Bengaluru in particular and the historical importance of the region in general. The silkworm cocoons in the shape of a garland in the second circle represent the economy of the region.

Further, the golden colour of the cocoon stands for wealth, success and knowledge. In addition, images of the mango, grapes, jasmine, and rose represent the varied agricultural/horticultural patterns of the region. Overall the logo attempts to portray theUniversity’s vision and mission, past, present, future, and the inexorable march of time in an organic manner. This draft of the logo has been designed by renowned artist Krishna collaboration with the ideation of Dr.K.Y.Narayanaswamy under the direction of the Vice-Chancellor and Registrars of Bengaluru North University.

Description of the motto “Arivu Anthragange” or Undercurrent of Wisdom:

Bengaluru North University has the motto of “Arivu Anthragange” embossed in its logo. The motto contains two words: ‘Arivu’ and ‘Anthragange’. the word ‘Arivu’ was brought into use by our ancestors, the Vachanakaras. ‘Arivu’ represents continuous learning and insights gained through knowledge. Further, it represents the ultimate knowledge acquired through individual and collective efforts. ‘Anthragange’ represents the core cultural psyche of the people of Ganganadu. In geophysical terms, ‘Antaragange’ is a small perennial stream flowing in the Shatashringa mountain range of this region. The water represents time, life and knowledge. ‘Antaragange’ represents the competence of the human inner world and also the flow of the river that connects every human heart. This sentence comprehensively represents Bengaluru North University’s ideals of academic excellence and the welfare of the world and hence, “Arivu Anthragange” forms the University’s motto.